October 4th at 19:30
“Past Life Mirror” Lecture
Nelise does what is called “Past Life Mirror”, which means that she enters into a mid-level trance,
connects with your essence, your soul and receives thoughts and experiences
of some other part of that person’s spirit experience, at some other point in time.
It may be an experience from the person’s own past or future,
or it may be an experience from a different lifetime,
but always it will be information
which spirit wants to communicate to you, here and now,
to help give you clarity on your own path in this lifetime on this Earth.
Nelise does this process for each person who is present, one by one,
and it is a group event, so all the messages are heard by all.
It really is a very fascinating process.

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Entrance at 21D Mono Ave. Fairfax CA.

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so please come early, and for guaranteed placements,
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